Tomorrow I enter into my 40’s !!

I have to say that for some reason turning 40 isn’t as unpleasant as it was when I turned 30! I thought that I would be overly dramatic about it, but I am actually looking forward to this part of my life. I only wish that I had my “Sonobello” body by now! LOL! However, I really feel greatful today for my life and my family! My baby girl just turned 13 years old two week ago, my book is published ( Even with some set backs ) , I’m lucky enough to have a man that is my best-friend, lover, and my true soulmate. I’ve started to write the next book with him this weekend. It will be our 1st Crime Novel of hopefully many. So we are just at the strategizing phase, researching, outlining, and generating our Protagonist’s, Character’s, and Crime that is being committed. I have found the website a huge help in finding information on writing in one place. Well on that note, I am going to end this blog for now, it’s time for me to go get some Pizza, get my little family to gather in the living room together. It’s movie night in the Moore house and Horror is my two love’s most favorite genre. I LOVE MY FAMILY!



Aristophanes says his speech explains “the source of our desire to love each other.” He says,

“Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. Each of us, then, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole…and each of us is always seeking the half that matches him.”


Cabin By the Sea

Jamal and I began writting a romance novel called,”Cabin By the Sea” a little over a year ago. It’s our 1st romance novel and our 1st time writing together! I have always loved to write, but I never believed that I could actually finish a whole book. I’ve been known to start and then get frustrated and I would start all over again. Jamal didn’t let me get to that point before he would step in and snap me out of my slump. I thought that finishing the writing was the hard part, but now I see that was the best part. The editing is when he stepped in and had stop me from tearing each sentence apart after I had just spent way to long taking out huge chunks and then rewrote it over and added another 5 pages. We had to agree on splitting the pages up to finish. Formating, layout, cover and publishing was overwhelming. I created author page, URl, this blog, posted on Facebook and I still feel like I’m not doing something right because I a sold 3 books since April 15th!!! I NEED ONE OF THOSE MAGIC WANDS AND A FAIRY GOD MOTHER!